Biography of Melanie Sautereau

Melanie Sautereau was born in 2007, at February 17th. The woman behind this avatar is a 25 year old woman who lives in The Netherlands. Melanie has been a professional model in Second Life since February 2009, and she has worked very hard on her appearance, knowledges and skills ever since. She still does, as the learning and working process never ends.

Melanie has followed modeling courses at 2 different academies in the past, the Boulevard Academy (now Miss Virtual World Academy) and the Mimmi Boa Academy (Solo Evane).
She was graduated successfully at April (MBA) and June (BLVD) 2009.

She’s currently signed and working with the following agencies/organizations:
√ Agy’s Secret Supermodels Team
√ Angel Dessous as Miss Angel Dessous 2011
√ Allure Inc.
√ AVENUE Models
√ Bliss Couture Supermodel Team
√ Boulevard Agency
√ BeStyle District Agency
√ cStar Modeling Team
√ Evangelista Muses Team
√ Finemsmith Models and Bloggers Team
√ HYATT Supermodels Team
√ LOOK Elite Models
√ Opium Fashion Agency
√ Passion Fashion Agency
√ SL Art Couture
√ Solo Evane Models Agency
√ SuperElite Modeling Agency
√ The Fashion Teller
√ Virtual WorldWide Media Group
√ VoguE Fashion Models Team

Some of her most appreciated accomplishments and honorable mentions (a full list upon request):

√ Angel of Year 2011 – Angel Dessous
√ Couture AVENUE 2011 January official Finalist // Feb. 2011
√ Winner of of the MAGNVM Styling contest – Best Stylist // March ’11
√ Nominated as Best Female Supermodel by the BOSL Organisation // April ’11
√ Winner of the Agy’s Scret Spring Contest // April ’11
√ Winner of the I AM FIERCE Styling Contest Spring Season (still running) // May ’11
√ Finesmith Muse 2012 Official Finalist (still running) // May ’11
√ Finesmith Inspiration Model // May ’11
√ Winner of the 7 Deadly Sins Model Search for SL Art Couture Agency & the Fashion Teller // July ’11
√ Fellini Couture Muse 2012 2nd Runner-Up // July ’11
√ Several vendor AD’s for Nemesis, Angel Dessous, HYATT, ALEIDA and more and also several Magazine AD’s for the most famous magazines In-World

√ Top10 Finalist Miss Virtual World 2010 as Miss Holland
√ Miss Photogenic of Miss Virtual World 2010
√ Top 10 most elegant woman of SL, #3 // Jan. ’10
√ FACE of Bliss Couture – Miss Bliss 2010 // Jan. till Apr.’10
√ “Styling Forward” SEASON 1 – a shared 2nd place winner // Oct. ’10
√ Winner 50K Photo Contest by Scrulpz Magazine // August ’10
√ SuperElite SuperSearch WINTER 2nd Runner-Up
√ Winner of the Angel of Angel Dessous Contest of the month September
√ Winner themed challenge for BeStyle Magazine April. issue (Theme; in Bloom)
√ Several Vendor Ad’s for B! Fashion, Manifeste Posing, Fellini Couture, Angel Dessous and Bliss Couture and also several Magazine AD’s for the most famous magazines In-World

√ Runner-Up for JCNY’s Model’FEST TopModel // Febr. ’09
√ One of the finalists for “Miss Universe 2009″‘.
√ Icon magazine article, 5 pages spread (August ’09) – My own modeling story
√ Chosen as one of the finalists for the ELEGANCE SL contest. (Best-Of-Italian)
√ Winner themed challenge for BeStyle Magazine // Sept. ’09 issue
√ Winner of the 1st challenge for Miss VW 2010 – Oct. ’09
√ Cover Model for BOSL magazine // Oct. ’09
√ Halloween Ad for BOSL magazine // Oct. ’09
√ Miss Gems & Kisses 2010 3rd place// Nov. ’09
√ Winner Alatiel’s Fashion Flickr contest // Dec. ’09
√ Several vendor ads for Meghindo, Azul, Alatiel, Angel Dessou) and Bliss Couture).

Melanie is not only highly trained for print assignments, but also as a Runway Model. On the runway she uses her poise, dedication and creativity to present every design in a best way possible.

She is a very reliable model and committed to her modeling career, and she has an unprecedented perseverance. She takes her modeling assignments very seriously and handles them with professionalism and perfectionism. She also has a sweet, loving, and friendly personality. She’s always willing to help others and respectful to every human being. She might have a sweet and cute appearance, but she has a strong personality, and she definitely knows her standards and values.


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